Why Does Garage Door Open by Itself

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    The home needs proper security in order to ensure that the residents and the valuables within it are safe.

    Safety nowadays is one of the most essential priorities that needs to be looked after.

    That is why we often employ various mechanisms and security features in order to make sure that we are well protected from the outside.

    The garage door is one of them.

    Albeit not entirely part of the home, it makes sense to have it within the property as the garage has some very important items stored inside it.

    The vehicle, as expensive as it is, needs to be taken care of.

    What better way to do that than having a good garage door?

    However, garage doors are not always perfect.

    They can sometimes be fragile and sensitive.

    Oftentimes, they may even open by themselves without anyone controlling them.

    This is a big safety concern.

    As such, here are some things you need to do as an answer to the question: why does garage door open by itself?

    Check the door’s automatic mechanism.

    It is a given that when the garage door opens by itself, then there is something wrong with it.

    It can either be internal or external.

    While that is so, it is important to get to the root of the problem by checking in on it.

    The first thing you will need to do it to take a quick inspection over the door and its automatic mechanism.

    If the garage door is opening on its own, the issue might lie behind a loose wire that is situated in the motor.

    It might be that the sensor might also be stopping the door from shutting down all the way.

    You have to look out for some bare and pierced wires, as well as damaged casing that is around the motor.

    If the problem lies within the wiring, a professional is best suited to take a look at it.

    Other causes might be the undue strain that is experienced by the opener, which can cause an array of problems.

    You will need to test the weight of the garage door from time to time through manual opening.

    If it is quite difficult to open, have a professional take a look at it.

    Clean and perform some maintenance.

    Another culprit that might be behind the door’s random opening is the dirt and lack of maintenance.

    If you have an automatic opener, it will need some servicing from time to time just like any other mechanism.

    This is to keep them working for a long time.

    Perform some maintenance by dusting the garage door thoroughly and wiping down its chains as well as the sensors to make sure that they are receiving a clear signal.

    Maintenance needs to be done not just on the opener but on the other parts of the garage door as well.

    The springs, the hinges, and the rails oftentimes require regular cleaning as well as oiling in order to prevent wear and tear.

    Moreover, if the sensitivity needs to be adjusted to prevent random opening and closing, simply follow the instructions that are written on the manual.

    Observe for any interference.

    Checking for interference when the garage door is randomly opening by itself is essential.

    Older models of automatic garage door openers may have problems within the frequency as interference in the radio may be rampant.

    As such, other systems such as baby monitors, heating systems, wireless door systems, and more may be able to interfere with the signal that is sent to the automatic opener.

    For this, you can try turning off nearby wireless devices and then using the remote control again.

    Call for professional assistance.

    The answer to the question of why does garage door open by itself always lies within the mechanism.

    As such, if you are not well-versed with the garage door’s system, it is better to have professionals check on it.

    Asking for help is not necessarily a bad thing.

    In fact, we would be honored to assist you! Our company is adept at handling all things that concern your garage door.

    We offer various services that have been proven and tested by our previous clients.

    Contact us today to know how we can be of help to you.

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