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    Warehouse garage doors are essential for the business because they protect your products and employees. They also keep the business operations going.

    As much as the warehouse garage door is valuable, it is often overlooked. Most business owners only tend to notice it when it starts to cause problems.

    And from a business perspective, problems can affect downtime in operations and expenses.

    For this reason, reach out to a professional for a warehouse garage door repair & installation.

    Moreover, we have rounded up all the things you need to know when to call for a warehouse garage door repair & installation in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems and Repair

    Before you call a professional for the repairs, know if the following problems are present in your garage door:

    The warehouse garage door is difficult to open

    It’s useless if you find it hard to open your garage door. Besides, how can you start moving your products if it won’t work correctly right?

    Opening and closing is the primary job of a warehouse garage door. If it won’t open, it indicates a hidden problem from one of the garage door parts.

    There might be rust that can cause friction, leading to poor operation of the garage door.

    Make sure to check the condition of the parts and lubricate if there is rust or corrosion.

    However, a broken spring or cable might be the most probable culprit for this problem.

    With this, call a garage door company such as Smooth Garage Doors to fix the springs and cables. Besides, these parts are dangerous to work with.

    The warehouse garage door is noisy

    Almost all garage doors produce noise. However, if the noise becomes a rattling, popping, or squeaky noise, some parts might be loose or need lubrication.

    Lubricate the parts as needed, and tighten the loose parts. Use an open wrench to tighten the hinges, bolts, and screws. Meanwhile, use a silicone-based grease to lubricate the rusty parts.

    However, if none of the methods work, hire a professional to inspect the problem. Depending on the case, one of the parts might need a repair or replacement.

    The panel has damage and dents

    Despite how durable warehouse garage doors, they can still be susceptible to damage. One of the problems that a garage door can encounter is panel damage.

    When you have a damaged panel, replace the section if you don’t want the problems to escalate further.

    The opener remote is not working

    Warehouse garage doors are convenient for a reason – you can automatically open or close them using an opener remote.

    However, even the remote can malfunction. Replace the batteries if they are old since you can’t use them if the batteries don’t work. Or you can buy a remote if it’s old already.

    Weather-stripping needs replacement

    Weather-stripping seals all the gaps in your garage door. It keeps away external elements such as rodents, leaves, and water from entering inside.

    If you notice cracks or breaks in the weather stripping, you need to replace it right away. Either do it your own, or you can call a garage door repair company in Richmond Hill and Vaughan to do it for you.

    The garage door has movement problems

    If your garage door is moving slowly or suddenly crashes upon closing, this could indicate many problems – a damaged spring, cable, or roller.

    To ensure the issue is addressed right away, call an expert to repair or replace the parts for you.

    The garage door reverses before it touches the floor

    Garage doors nowadays are automated. By clicking the opener remote, you can open or close the door quickly.

    However, if you find the garage door suddenly reverses before hitting the floor, there might be an obstruction in the way.

    Make sure to operate the garage door without any objects on the floor. But if it still reverses despite having no obstruction, the sensors could be misaligned.

    Reach out to a trusted garage door repair company to fix the sensors for you since misalignment is an intricate process.

    Need a Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation?

    As soon as you detect problems, call an expert in garage door repairs such as Smooth Garage Doors to fix them for you.

    You can assure our services since we are experts in dealing with any types of commercial garage doors.

    It’s essential to treat the problem once it arises before it gets worse. Call us now and let us deal with your malfunctioning warehouse garage door!

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