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    A failing garage door motor can be frustrating and annoying. Luckily, the solution to the problem is relatively easy, even for starters.

    However, there are times you need to know when to call for a garage door motor repair & installation, especially when it’s getting old or malfunctioning.

    Hence, we have round up the most common problems whether to repair or install a new garage door motor.

    When to Repair a Garage Door Motor

    If the garage door motor is not working correctly, you might want to consider a garage door motor repair & installation.

    Furthermore, we will discuss the common problems of garage door motor that requires fixing:

    The garage door won’t open completely

    If your garage door doesn’t open completely, there must be problems with the up-limit switch, rollers, or spring.

    Especially if you have a newly installed garage door motor, an up-limit switch sometimes can get accidentally moved. If it is too far away from the motor unit, it will prevent the door from opening fully.

    Make sure to check the up-limit switch. Move it towards the motor unit so it can allow the door to open successfully.

    However, there are times that doing this won’t solve the problem. The problem might be a damaged roller or spring.

    You can tap a garage door repair company to inspect the problem with these parts to check if they need a repair or replacement.

    The garage door won’t close

    In this case, the close-limit switch might need adjustment. Limit settings instruct the garage door motor when to stop running, regardless of the garage door is opening or closing.

    If the close-limit switch is adjusted incorrectly, it might cause the garage door not to close.

    To adjust the close-limit switch, modify it according to the instructions manual.

    Other times, the sensors can be the cause of the problem. With this, you can hire Smooth Garage Doors to determine the underlying issue with your garage door. Call us!

    Garage Door Automatically Reverses Before and After Touching the Floor

    When you notice your garage door reverses before touching the floor, you may want to check the close-force setting.

    Sometimes, the setting needs adjustment as it can be sensitive to the friction in one of the garage door parts, especially the rollers.

    The rollers’ friction might trick the close-force adjustment that it has reached the floor, causing the garage door to reverse.

    Make sure to check the user manual on how to adjust the close-force setting.

    On the other hand, if you find the garage door reverses after hitting the floor, the close-limit switch might be the problem.

    Adjust the screw on the close-limit in small increments until the garage door stops when it hits the floor.

    The garage door won’t stop running after the garage door opens

    A garage door motor should stop running when the garage door opens. However, if the other way happens, move the up-limit switch away from the motor, especially if you have a newly installed garage door opener.

    When to Install a New Garage Door Motor

    Meanwhile, these are the signs to look for when to install a new garage door motor.

    Slow Garage Door: If you find your garage door is moving slower than usual when it rises, you might need a replacement.

    You might risk your loved ones to danger with this problem as the garage door might get detached from the opener soon.

    Noisy Garage Door: Older garage door openers can cause loud noise. The noise can be due to a rattling chain the needs attention and potential repairs.

    With this, check the garage door chain with garage door repair service.

    Random Movement: If you find intermittent movement with your garage door opener, you should know that it’s time to call a professional for a replacement.

    Vibrating Garage Door: If you have an old garage door motor, the bent shafts might get worn out, causing them to vibrate.

    When you notice this problem with your garage door, it can lead to a catastrophe since the opener might detach from the ceiling any time soon.

    Improve Security: If you want a new garage door opener to improve your security, then do so.

    Newer models have better security features, which you can benefit greatly. In this way, you can access the garage door opener even with just a click from your mobile application.

    Need a Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation?

    Many factors can lead to a failing garage door motor, including maintenance, age, and usage.

    If you detect significant problems with your garage door motor, call Smooth Garage Doors to fix them for you! We provide maintenance, garage door installation, and repairs.

    Call us now, especially if you’re in Vaughan and Richmond Hill!

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