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    If you have been struggling to open or close your garage door by clicking the remote, you might need to inspect your garage door opener.

    For this reason, check out how to deal with different types of openers and when to call for a garage door opener installation & repair.

    Benefits of a Garage Door Opener Installation

    Automatic openers operate garage doors. With the use of openers, you find it easy to operate your garage door even if you’re meters away and as long as you have the remote with you.

    That’s why it is a hassle if you find your garage door opener is malfunctioning. Besides, who would want to open or close the garage door manually, right?

    With an automatic garage door opener, you can simply press the remote to enter or leave the garage.

    Especially if the opener has a good range, you can even access the garage door even if you’re at your neighbor’s house.

    Moreover, it is easy to maintain. Electric devices nowadays can withstand frequent usage to an extent. As long as you’re not doing any damage to your opener, it won’t fail.

    Besides, automatic garage door openers provide security and safety. With the technology in recent years, you can avoid possible break-ins and thefts due to improved security features.

    Thus, a garage door would not be complete without a garage door opener. It’s simple to use, secures your home, and convenient to use.

    For this reason, it’s essential to keep the opener’s working condition if you want to reap its benefits.

    How to Deal with Different Opener Problems

    However, problems arise at any time, and openers are not exempted from such a thing. Hence, consider the following tips on how to deal with a malfunctioning opener for different types:

    Chain and Belt Drive

    Chain and belt drive openers are some of the common types in the market. A chain opener has a noisy operation, while the belt drive has a quieter one.

    However, both are prone to wearing and loosening, alongside springs and cables.

    If you encounter a loosening chain belt, it’s better to leave the job to a garage door repair company such as Smooth Garage Doors to fix the issue.

    Tightening the chains or fixing the other moving parts are not recommended for a DIY job. Hence, leave the job to Smooth Garage Doors for a safer repair. Call us now!


    Screw-drive openers are prone to rust. Fortunately, simple lubrication can solve it.

    However, this type of opener is weak to environmental changes. Make sure to check the condition of this type of opener for signs of wearing.

    If you spot one, schedule an appointment with a professional for a garage door opener installation & repair.

    Other Garage Door Opener Problems that Requires Fixing

    However, problems are not unique to a particular opener type. Whether you have a screw drive, belt drive, or chain drive opener, you may encounter one of the problems below.

    The garage door is difficult to open

    A garage door that won’t open indicates a problem with the remote or the garage door opener.

    First, check the condition of the remote and batteries. If the batteries are old, replace them with new ones so you can operate the garage door once again.

    However, if replacing the old batteries didn’t work, you may have to buy a new remote.

    On the other hand, if you hear the garage door motor running while the door is not moving, you need to repair your opener as soon as possible. Call a professional to see the problem with it.

    The garage door has reverse mechanism problems

    If you find the garage door reverses after hitting the floor or stops midway before closing, it means that there are switch or adjustment issues.

    However, it’s better if you check the problem with a professional. Reverse mechanism problems can also indicate sensor problems or damaged parts. Seek help for a proper diagnosis.

    The garage door motor is old

    If you have been encountering issues with your garage door for a while, most likely, the opener motor is old.

    Check its condition from time to time. But if the problems are reoccurring now and then, you need a garage door opener replacement.

    Seek Help from Smooth Garage Doors!

    Garage door openers are simple devices but can be damaged for many reasons. For this reason, seeking help from professionals is the best approach to deal with the complicated mechanism that makes up the opener.

    If you want a garage door opener installation & repair, don’t hesitate to call Smooth Garage Doors in Richmond Hill and Vaughan! We’ll cater to you as soon as possible!

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