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    It’s crucial to keep your commercial garage door well-maintained. If it’s not working correctly, you might risk your business to downtime and unnecessary costs.

    With this, you must know when to call a professional for a commercial garage door repair & installation.

    Moreover, these are the signs to watch for when to repair and replace your commercial garage door.

    When to Call for Professional Help


    Problems in garage doors are responsible for most injuries every year. If you have a commercial garage door, it’s essential to keep it in good condition to keep the business operation going smoothly and the employees safe.

    To keep the garage door functioning well, look out for these signs on when to call for a commercial garage door repair:

    Shaky Garage door

    It’s normal if the garage door shakes as it opens and closes. However, when you notice an excessive shaking or vibration, there must be problems with the hardware and moving parts, such as the rollers or hinges.

    With this, call a professional such as Smooth Garage Doors to help you identify the problem.

    Noisy Garage Door

    Another sign you might need a repair is when the garage door creates strange sounds such as screeching, grinding, or popping noise.

    These types of noises indicate that there is something wrong with your garage door.

    Sagging or Uneven Garage Door

    Garage doors sag over time due to various problems such as damaged springs, cables, or track. With this, call a commercial garage door repair as soon as possible.


    There are cases where your garage door might need more than repairs. These are the following indicators of when to buy a new commercial garage door for your business:

    The Garage Door Breaks Down Regularly

    If you’re a business owner, you cannot waste time, especially on malfunctioning garage doors.

    If the door breaks down from time to time, it’s more worthwhile to buy a new one rather than spending money for repairs.

    The reason is that the damage has been accumulated in the garage door parts for a long time, and repairs are not sufficient anymore.

    With this, call a reliable garage door company to assist you in choosing a new commercial garage door.

    There is Accumulated Damage on the Garage Door

    Clashes from forklifts or trucks can take a toll on your commercial garage door.

    If you own an insulated garage door, it can resist dents to a certain extent. However, if it is heavily damaged, you need to replace it since it is the most viable option to enjoy security and safety from your garage door.

    You can choose a repair if the damage to your garage door is minor. But when it’s beyond saving, replacing it is your best and only option.

    You Experience Recent Break-Ins

    Safety is the top priority for every business owner. But when there is a recent break-in into your commercial building, the garage door might be damaged.

    If a garage door is damaged, you will likely compromise the safety and security of your business. Hence, it leads to break-ins.

    Replace your current overhead door with a stronger and more secure one to prevent break-ins in the future.

    The Garage Door has Outdated Features

    If your garage door is moving slower than usual, uninsulated, or lacks security, you may want to replace your garage door with the latest technology.

    Your Garage Door is Old and Worn-Out

    Sometimes, you may need to choose a replacement if your garage door is aging and wearing out.

    Old and worn-out doors can sustain damage to the rest of the mechanism, causing misalignment or even sagging issues.

    In this case, a garage door replacement is the best option rather than repairing it. Older doors have less durability, security, and poor performance. Hence, it is better to upgrade your old commercial door.

    Need a Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation in Vaughan and Richmond Hill?

    Looking for the best time to replace your commercial garage door is not a problem anymore.

    Once you encounter the issues above with your commercial garage door, call Smooth Garage Doors to fix them for you!

    We can repair any garage door problems you have. Or if you want a replacement, we can also do it for you!

    Don’t waste time anymore! If you’re in Richmond Hill and Vaughan, call us now for a commercial garage door repair & installation!

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