How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    Garage doors require attention despite how unseemingly normal they are.

    Mechanisms with a heavy duty and responsibility to keep often need care in order to continue their routine.

    As such, it is no surprise that the garage door at home will need maintenance from time to time to ensure the quality of their performance.

    The operation of opening and closing is not as easy as it sounds.

    Imagine having to do this all your life.

    Such a heavy mechanism can also break down and eventually fall into disrepair.

    However, it does not mean that it cannot be prevented nor repaired.

    A garage door, despite working properly, may come out of alignment from time to time.

    It goes without saying that it might also go off track.

    When that happens, frustration and inconvenience might befall you without even noticing it.

    As such, to help fellow homeowners out there, here are some tips on how to fix a garage door off track.

    Disable the opener.

    It is only right that the first step in the process of fixing the garage door track is to disable the garage door opener.

    In order to do this, simply locate the string that is hanging from the console that is used to control the garage door opener.

    Then, pull the string.

    This will disengage and disconnect the opener from the garage door itself.

    Moreover, it will allow you to manually open as well as close the garage door on your own.

    Keep the door open.

    You must make sure that the garage door is released from the garage door opener first before opening it.

    If you have ensured it, simply lift it upward until the track is in line with the garage rollers.

    You will need extra caution for this.

    You will have to make use of a pair of vice grips or some locking pliers, whichever is available, to be able to secure the garage door in place.

    If you have none of these, you can ask a person to assist you.

    Correct the wheels on the track.

    Make use of pliers for this.

    Then, open the track exactly at the specific spot that the roller is out of alignment with the track.

    Next, place the rollers back where they were initially (which is inside the track).

    Shut the opening of the track.

    Lastly, make use of a wooden or rubber mallet in order to bring the track back to its proper shape.

    Test the garage door manually.

    The next thing you need to do after fixing the alignment of the garage door is to test if the garage door has indeed been restored correctly.

    Manually open and close the door for several times.

    While in the process, you can also test the balance of the door.

    If you notice that the track is still out of alignment, just retrace the steps that have been done above until the whole track has been aligned properly.

    Test the automatic operation.

    After you have made sure that the door is on track again and is hanging straight with a smooth manual operation.

    Make use of the remote control in order to turn on the opener.

    It will permit the door to open automatically and then close for a number of times.

    If it is still out of track, repeat the steps above until the alignment is correct.

    Call us for professional help.

    Simply knowing how to fix a garage door off track is not enough.

    You need to put it into good use.

    If the steps above do not work for you on your own, you will need to call in the professionals to do it for you.

    Experts are more adept at handling the problems concerning your garage door.

    Hence, you can rest assured that the door will be back on track in no time.

    As such, you do not need to look far and wide for these experts.

    Our services will be more than willing to assist you and your garage door.

    If you have a garage door that is off track, we can easily correct it for you!

    We have been proven and tested, and our experiences are more than enough to prove our capabilities.

    Contact us today to inquire how we can be of assistance to you.

    For all your garage door needs, call us now!

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