How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    The maintenance of garage doors is quite crucial when it comes to the safety and efficiency of a household’s garage.

    Every aspect of this part of the house must be taken into account of and looked after thoroughly on a regular basis.

    The garage door cable poses as one of the most essential aspects in a garage door.

    This is because this serves as part of the main support system of a garage door.

    The whole mechanism of a garage door is quite heavy; thus, needing a strong support system to aid its opening and closing of it.

    At times, garage door cables may get misaligned.

    This kind of situation is rather concerning and worrisome for a lot of homeowners because it is of utmost difficulty to repair it by one’s self without the proper knowledge.

    Moreover, there are instances wherein garage door cables are either worn out or, worse, ruptured in themselves.

    This entails the need to fix these problems right away.

    With this, one can see that it is evident that this part of the garage door must be checked regularly.

    Below are ways on how to fix garage door cable.

    Check first if the garage door cable really needs to be repaired.

    A homeowner should always make sure that a garage door cable is visibly damaged before doing any repairs on it.

    One may be quick to judge about the broken status of this part of a garage door but it is essential to know if there is any visible damage to the garage door cable in order to fully assess if there is a need for a repair.

    Should there not be any visible damage to the garage door cable, one must also take note of the sound that the garage door cables make.

    If there is none, then maybe there really is no problem.

    However, if there is a sound coming from the cables, then maybe it is high time to get those cables checked and fixed.

    Remove bottom rollers.

    To be able to thoroughly assess the cables of a garage door, one must first remove them in order to inspect them.

    What needs to be done first is to remove the door’s bottom rollers.

    This part of the garage door is located at the track.

    From there, one must find for the garage door cable’s run (last few feet).

    At this point, one must look for the wires tangled in other cable pieces.

    Cut those tangled pieces free with either pliers or scissors.

    After cutting them free, cut off the top piece that ties them all together.

    This must all be done with the utmost precision and care because cutting the wrong wire may just damage a part of the garage door’s mechanism.

    After this is done and none of the wires are tangled in themselves anymore, each end must be held by the hands of the person doing the repair.

    From there, the person in question must pull both ends towards himself/herself until the tangles and coiled up wires have all been tamed and released.

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    Although it is much cheaper to know how to fix garage door cable by someone’s own volition, the uncertainties that lie within the world of DIY repair are still seen on a high degree.

    Homeowners will have a hard time doing the repairs themselves and there is a high probability that a malfunction in the mechanism may occur.

    This will result in damaging the garage door more than the initial problems it had.

    We highly recommend acquiring professional help on this matter because trained experts on this kind of situation will not only save homeowners time on this household matter but will also keep them out from harm’s way.

    In addition to this, they would not have to worry about this trivial matter.

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