How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    As time passes by for the lifespan of garage doors, there is the need to make adjustments and readjust the garage door tracks.

    Usually, adjusting garage door tracks is done in order to resolve alignment issues on the garage doors.

    This kind of problem can be seen under circumstances that involve a noticeable gap between a garage door and the bottom area of a garage door (which is normally the crown molding) or a garage door that sticks out more than usual.

    Because of these annoying issues, how to adjust garage door tracks properly is one of the many questions homeowners have in their minds when it comes to the maintenance and repair of their garage doors.

    Additionally, it is with utmost importance to see through the adjustment of one’s garage door tracks in order to lengthen the lifespan of one’s garage doors.

    Listed below are guidelines on how to adjust garage door tracks.

    Loosen the brackets of the lower track with a screwdriver.

    In order for the lower tracks to be adjusted properly, one must utilize a screwdriver in doing so.

    Twist around the screwdriver in order to loosen the nuts and/or screws that hold the lower tracks together.

    One must also remember to do this for both of the garage door tracks on either side.

    Create a 0.25-inch gap between the garage door and its stop molding.

    Once the lower track has been loosened, one must manually shift the tracks from either to the left or the right (in a gentle manner).

    This will allow the whole garage door to move.

    Execute this on both tracks until one creates a 0.25-inch gap between the garage door and its stop molding.

    Once this has been executed properly, the tracks should be aligned properly by now.

    Should one have a hard time moving the tracks, it is recommended to put a thick wood piece against the track and hammer it down with caution using either a mallet or a hammer.

    The force from the mallet or hammer should allow the shifting of the track.

    Inspect the tracks on a vertical level.

    To be able to function properly and as efficiently as it should be, the garage door tracks must be of equal level and are level to the whole mechanism of the garage door.

    If they are not perfectly level to each other and to the garage door’s mechanism, the garage door itself will not be able to open and close.

    This may lead to binding on the door, the buckling of the panel, or even gaps.

    Tighten track brackets.

    To do this, one must utilize their fingers in order to tighten the bolts or screws that hold the lower tracks together.

    As the bolts or screws tighten enough that one’s fingers cannot tighten it anymore, use a wrench or screwdriver in order to tighten it even more.

    This allows the fasteners to be tightened properly without having to tighten them to the point of straining them.

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    Adjusting one’s garage door tracks is quite a risky move for homeowners who lack the proper knowledge for the maintenance and repair of their garage doors.

    Doing it alone may pose some serious threats not only on the garage door itself but also for the safety of the one attempting to adjust the garage door tracks.

    How to adjust garage door tracks is a question, as mentioned above, that is asked by many households in order to make things quick and to not go through the hassle of contacting a professional on this matter.

    There are many perks and benefits one can get when contacting a professional for repair jobs and maintenance work like this.

    One does not need to worry about their garage doors being a nuisance to them anymore because these experts have already taken care of that job for them.

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