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    It can be stressful if the garage door won’t open.

    After all, you need it to be in that position to park or leave your garage.

    A garage door should be opening and closing.

    But when the garage door won’t open, various problems might be causing it to happen.

    Furthermore, we will discuss how to deal with a garage door that won’t open in the easiest way possible.

    Read on how to troubleshoot the problem.

    Check the Power Source

    You should check why your garage door won’t open if the opener is plugged in.

    If it is, inspect the power outlet.

    Test the power outlet if it works by plugging a lump or any electronic device.

    If it still works, crash out the power outlet as a probability for causing the garage door to stay open.

    Proceed to check if the breaker box hasn’t been tripped.

    If it is, call a technician to fix it.

    However, if the breaker box is still in good condition, you might need to call a garage door repair service to inspect the issue.

    Because of this, you may need to manually open the door in the meantime.

    Try Resetting the Sensitivity

    For most modern garage doors, you can reset their sensitivity.

    Most often, the procedure is in the garage door opener’s manual.

    If you set the sensitivity too high or too low, it will prompt the garage door to stay close.

    Adjust the Limit Setting

    The limit setting prompts the door when to stay in a closed position.

    Moreover, it can be reset similarly to the sensitivity setting.

    If the settings have been tweaked, the garage door might think it has hit something in the ground, causing it to stay open.

    Adjusting the setting can be tricky and needs several trial and errors to get it right.

    But if you want to prevent such hassle, you can read the user manual to be guided.

    However, adjusting the limit switch too much can cause the door to crash hard, leading to damage.

    Thus, it’s difficult for the garage door to stay open.

    Talk with a professional garage door repair service to inspect the problem.

    You can also contact Smooth Garage Doors to assist you!

    Broken Springs

    If you hear a popping sound on your garage door, it’s most likely that the torsion spring is damaged.

    A broken torsion spring is one of the most common garage door problems.

    Once the springs are damaged, it will be difficult to open the garage door since they are responsible for quickly and smoothly lifting the garage door.

    Imagine when they’re damaged.

    It’s entirely possible to raise the door successfully.

    When you have a broken torsion spring, do not attempt to open the door.

    It might fall quickly due to snapped springs.

    It could also injure anyone in the path.

    To prevent this from happening, inspect the problem with an expert to replace the springs.

    Snapped and Fraying Cables

    If you find a damaged spring, most likely, the cables are in bad condition as well.

    These components go hand in hand to allow the door to move smoothly and quickly.

    Like damaged springs, snapped cables should be handled by professionals only.

    Damaged Tracks

    Once the garage door leaves the track, it cannot work correctly.

    Besides, the track makes it easy for the door to move quickly.

    Check the track if there are signs of damage, such as bending or gapping sections.

    These problems will cause the garage door to malfunction.

    Fortunately, you can fix a track by aligning it.

    Loosen up the brackets at the lower part of the garage door, and tap it to adjust the garage door.

    But if the door cannot be adjusted any more, leave the repairs to the professional.

    They know better than homeowners how to deal with the tracks.

    Remote Programming Issues

    Everyone uses a remote control to operate the automatic garage door.

    However, if the remote fails to communicate with the garage door opener, you should check the batteries.

    Replace the batteries when they are old.

    If this doesn’t work, the remote might require reprogramming.

    If the remote battery is newly installed, but the remote won’t still work, try reprogramming it by referring to the user manual.

    This should allow the garage door to open and close.

    When in Doubt, Call Smooth Garage Doors

    It’s essential to keep the garage door operating smoothly and safely.

    Hence, when you find your garage door won’t close, follow the tips above to eliminate the problem.

    However, if you have doubts about fixing the problem on your own, call Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan and Richmond Hill!

    Aside from garage door repairs, we also provide garage door installation, replacement, and maintenance.

    Call us to avail of our services!

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