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    Owning a garage door is a significant investment.

    It’s convenient and easy to use, and it protects you and your family away from danger.

    However, if it becomes noisy, it can be frustrating.

    A garage door making loud noises can disturb your neighbors and can irritate anyone who happens to hear it.

    Fortunately, you can silent a garage door making loud noises.

    These are the different noises with your garage door and how to deal with each of them.

    Before You Get Started

    Before you prepare for the repairs, make sure to take necessary safety measures.

    Disengage the garage door opener from the power source to prevent activating it while trying to fix the source of the problem.

    Also, don’t perform tasks that you can’t handle well.

    Hire a garage door repair expert in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to do it for you.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors, and we’ll assist you.

    Squeaky Noises

    If your garage door is making annoying squeaky noises, you can quiet them down with a lubricant.

    The source of the problem is rusty parts and hardware such as rollers, tracks, and hinges.

    Apply a silicone-based lubricant thoroughly to grease the parts.

    Don’t forget to grease the weather stripping located at the bottom door, between the panels and the sides of the garage door’s frame.

    Grinding Noises

    Worn-out and corroded rollers can produce a grinding noise.

    To quiet the rollers, apply a lubricant thoroughly.

    If the lubrication did not work, they are most likely worn out and needed a replacement soon.

    On the other hand, if you own a metal roller, try changing it with nylon ones.

    In this way, you won’t need to lubricate them as often.

    The hinges can sometimes create the screeching and grinding noises you hear, especially if they’re worn out.

    Inspect the hinges for any wearing.

    If you spot the problem, they need to be replaced to avoid any injuries that can happen to you as it can lead to the malfunction of the garage door.

    But if the hinges are in good condition, they probably need lubrication.

    Use lithium-based grease to the hinges. You can also use a silicone-based one.

    Take note never to try fixing, adjusting, or removing the hinges by yourself.

    If you do it on your own and you happen to remove the bottom bracket, the door could crash down.

    With this, call a professional for a hinge replacement.

    Rattling Noise

    The garage door is made up of hardware parts such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

    Because of this, they can cause vibration and rattling noise if you notice they’re loosening.

    Fortunately, you can fix the problem by tightening the screws by using a socket wrench.

    However, avoid adjusting the hardware parts near the garage door spring system.

    These springs are under extreme tension.

    If you mishandle the repairs, it can cause you injury or death.

    So always call a garage door repair expert to tighten the hardware near the moving parts.

    Another reason for a rattling noise is due to a loosening chain-drive if it’s the type of garage door opener you have.

    If this happens, contact an expert in Richmond Hill or Vaughan to tighten the chains.

    But if the chains are not loose, the rattling noise might be caused by corrosion.

    To silence the noise, apply a lubricant.

    Note that chain-drive openers have a loud operation.

    If the noise has bugged you for a while, you may opt to switch to a belt-drive opener for a quieter operation.

    Popping Noise

    If you hear a popping noise upon opening or closing the garage door, the problem might be caused by a locked-up tension spring.

    Over time, the springs lock-up that can cause popping sounds.

    But if the torsion springs are in good condition, they might just need lubrication.

    Apply a lubricant to the springs carefully to prevent any damages or injuries on your part.

    If you’re concerned about safety, hire a professional to lubricate the springs for you.

    Your Trusted and Reliable Garage Door Repair Company in Vaughan and Richmond Hill!

    Let Smooth Garage Doors handle the noise on your garage door if you fail to silence it.

    A garage door making loud noises indicates many problems that require a professional to get rid of them for good.

    If the DIY fixes above did not work, don’t hesitate to hire us.

    Our expertise will ensure that your garage door will not make any noise in the future. Call us!

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