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    Home or a structure’s improvement on design and other aesthetically related items will make it worth the second look.

    Unless the owner has infinite resources where renovations and improvements are just within reach, then issues on the budget and material will no longer be an issue.

    From doors to windows, we owners wanted to own something that can leave a mark on someone’s memory.

    For this reason, adding some designs on exterior devices or equipment like our garage doors can satisfy this need to show a well-maintained home or structure.

    Garage doors are ones that we usually see whenever we pass on a certain commercial or residential space.

    Recent designs and trends can make these doors look good and preferably wanted by more consumers.

    Garage door aluminum capping is one of the accessories that can make our garages look good at various angles.

    Now, partnering with the right sort of people during the installation and designs will make it easier and faster.

    Luckily, Smooth Garage Doors offer various garage door services including aluminum capping installations.

    We also offer garage door repairs like overhead door spring and cable repairs.

    Call our customer service team to know more about other services that we offer.

    What To Know About Aluminum Capping?

    Aluminum cappings are aluminum strips or sheets that are subject to bending and cutting.

    It is also known as ‘Alumni Cladding’ where we need a machine to break it and customize it to fit into a window or a garage door.

    Whether our windows are made of steel, aluminum, or glass, they will eventually lose their efficiency and deteriorate.

    For this reason, we might end up having constant renovations and replacements which cost more than what we expected.

    Aluminum caps can help us avoid frequent sanding on wood materials (wood on the garage doors) and will help us in avoiding constant repairs.

    Aluminum capping only requires routine cleaning with the use of water and a detergent.

    As owners, we might ask ‘Why to use aluminum capping on garage doors when we can just use it on other home parts like the windows?’.

    Garage doors are indeed made with various materials like wood and steel.

    Over time, damages and other functional issues are inevitable.

    Adding or using aluminum caps to hold still the corners and other important areas of the garage can help us in avoiding frequent repairs.

    Garage door aluminum capping is not just another decorative option but a good way to maintain our garages.

    Reasons Why Aluminum Capping Is Worth To Choose

    Sometimes, we often choose which one looks good rather than the quality.

    However, it is very important to choose the material that is both good in looks and quality.

    Aluminum capping is one of the good options to make our garages look good and preferably of high quality.

    Moreover, it is very efficient and can make our doors last for a long period of time.

    Here are some benefits of the aluminum caps that can prove their quality:

    Maintenance Free and Efficient

    Keeping our devices in their best condition is one thing that owners must consider every time.

    Moreover, doing garage door improvements can be time-consuming depending on the material that we choose to have.

    Aluminum capping is maintenance-free and very efficient.

    It only needs a little cleaning and that’s just it.

    It can stop water from coming into gaps and we can just use warm water to remove the stains attached to the caps.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    With aluminum attached to the edges, our garages will look good and flashy.

    When a home or structure is with aluminum caps, it can attract anyone who passes by, especially commercial spaces.

    It can make our garages look new and fresh.

    Durable and Cost-Efficient

    The best part of having aluminum caps is its ability to last long and endure extreme weather conditions.

    It does not rust or fade despite being exposed in the worst situation.

    Aluminum is one of the most trusted construction materials that can last for a long time with a cost-efficient market value.

    Quick And Trusted Aluminum Capping Services

    Name and integrity always follow Smooth Garage Doors.

    For over years in the field of garage door repairs, we have been following international standards and techniques.

    We offer garage door aluminum capping to interested owners who want to have their garages look good and durable.

    We do also advise on how to keep our garage doors in their best condition.

    Moreover, we do more garage door repairs, installation, and replacements.

    Our team has equipped individuals that can assess the situation and teach owners some know-how to solve small door problems.

    To know more about our service, call our team and we will be at service anytime.

    It might be difficult to keep your home’s exterior in good condition.

    It is possible that many of your house’s visual characteristics will be damaged or unclean due to the weather exposed to the elements and dirt.

    In the case of your garage door, the curb appeal of your property will be severely harmed if it is scraped, cracked, or plain filthy.

    However, you may use garage door aluminum capping to maintain your door in good shape for the long term.

    By capping your garage door with aluminum, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to exterior home care.

    It will preserve your garage door frame neat, save you time, and also money in the long run.

    What exactly is Aluminum Capping?

    The technique of coating exterior wood trim with aluminum sheets, is known as aluminum capping.

    It’s a frequent characteristic of windows and doors frame on structures, in addition to garages.

    Although this explanation makes it appear that capping is a simple process, it is actually a lengthy and occasionally tough one.

    A tiny difference between your aluminum capping and your garage door frame can make your whole house look unappealing.

    Even the slightest difference among your aluminum capping and your garage door frame can make your house look unattractive.

    To completely bend the metal, specific equipment is required.

    As a result, you should leave the installation of your garage door aluminum capping to a skilled worker.

    The ones who can complete the work quickly and efficiently with all the essential materials and knowledge.

    If you are looking for skilled workers, your aluminum capping can be installed by our staff at Smooth Garage Doors.

    What Are the Advantages of Using a Garage Door with Aluminum Capping?

    There is hardly little need to maintain Aluminum Capping

    Aluminum garage door capping is a terrific method to keep your garage looking great for decades to come with no effort.

    Your aluminum capping covers the full surface of your wooden garage door frame, so you’ll never have to waste time painting it again.

    Although you’ll have to maintain your capping periodically, it’s a really simple procedure.

    It’s incredibly easy to maintain because the metal surface is smooth.

    You’ll be fine if you clean it just once a year with a faucet, water, light detergent, and a towel.

    Attractive Curb Appeal

    A house with peeling paint, cracks, and chips on the garage door frame has a big lack of curb appeal when you drive past it.

    You may, however, protect your home from this tragedy with garage door aluminum capping.

    Adding capping to your property will give it a more polished look while also covering your door frame from the elements.

    With pristine capping, your garage door is one of the first things people see about your home, so make sure it creates a nice first impression.

    Enjoy a higher level of energy efficiency

    The installation of aluminum capping on your garage door frame provides a weather-resistant boundary between the indoor and outdoor of your garage.

    Drafts will be reduced as a result, and your house will be more energy efficient.

    If your garage is heated in the wintertime or has an additional space above it, this can be quite useful.

    Lifespan Increased

    The aluminum capping is a protective covering that protects your garage door from the environment.

    This allows it to withstand the tearing that comes with being outside in the elements.

    By combining your capping with sealants to preserve your wood from moisture, you can also slow down the rate at which it rots.

    Mold can also be prevented by using a sealer in your garage.

    In all, capping your garage door with aluminum can extend the life of your door by years.

    Get Your  Garage Door Aluminum Capping

    With so many advantages, investing in aluminum capping for your garage door frame is without a doubt a wise move.

    Smooth Garage Doors will secure your garage for the long term if you trust us to perform the job well.

    Garage door repair and replacement are just a few of the various services we offer.

    We’d be delighted to contribute our knowledge to your future project.

    Contact us right away to schedule a free assessment!

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