Commercial Roll-Up Door Troubleshooting

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    Commercial roll-up doors are durable since they are built to last to keep your business operations going.

    Once you have installed it for your business, you expect it to work all the time efficiently.

    However, it’s not always a good day when it comes to roll-up doors.

    There are times they fail to operate due to various reasons – poor installation or maintenance.

    If you find your roll-up door acting up, we will guide you through some standard commercial roll-up door troubleshooting methods to deal with the issues.

    Causes of Commercial Roll Up Door Problems

    A malfunctioning roll-up door can be problematic since it can disrupt your business operations.

    Hence, it’s essential to know how to prevent the problem from occurring.

    For this reason, you should know some of the issues that might be causing your roll-up door to fail:

    1. Improper Installation

    Installation is crucial to allow your roll-up door to function correctly.

    However, mistakes can happen during the process.

    Suppose the previous garage door repair company has failed to use a leveling tool to ensure the proper alignment of the roll-up door – in that case, it will create an opportunity for immediate repairs soon.

    The next time you consider an installation from a garage door repair company, make sure they are reputable and have earned a tremendous amount of experience with the job.

    2. Spring Tension is too High

    If the springs have too much tension more than what is required, they will break soon.

    Incorrect tension will result in indoor being challenging to operate, which might cause problems on your business operations.

    It might also damage some of your property or even endanger whoever is in the way.

    Approach a professional garage door repair service to adjust the tension and make sure every other part is well-calibrated.

    3. Poor Maintenance

    Handling business operations is such a hectic job.

    Consequently, it’s no wonder if you have neglected the condition of your roll-up door.

    You have been ignoring it for a while, mainly when it’s operating well.

    But it suddenly steals your attention when it’s not working correctly.

    A commercial roll-up door is part of your business assets.

    Hence, prioritize maintenance a few times a year.

    Since you’re a busybody, you can leave the repairs to Smooth Garage Doors to do the maintenance.

    Common Commercial Roll-Up Door Troubleshooting Tips

    If your notice problems with your roll-up door, its individual parts could be the culprit of such disturbances.

    Check the list below on the common issues to know how to perform commercial roll-up door troubleshooting techniques.

    For Misaligned Tracks

    If your door is off-track, check signs for warp or dents on the track.

    For this reason, it is best to call the experts.

    Depending on the severity of the problem, they will adjust, repair, or replace the tracks.

    For Worn Out Parts

    Moving parts such as cables springs can rust over time.

    When the rust is neglected, it can wear out due to the frequent friction the parts generate whenever the roll-up door is used.

    To prevent rust and corrosion, lubricate the parts with silicone-based grease.

    However, when they’re worn-out, dangling, and cause an annoying sound, it’s best to leave the repairs to a professional garage door repair in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    For Defective Motor

    If the garage door motor creates unusual sounds during the operation, or the door won’t work after pressing the remote, there must be a motor problem.

    Professionals should handle repairing garage door motors.

    Leave the job to them as your motor might be damaged that requires replacement.

    For Tight Components

    If the roll-up door is jammed, or it’s difficult to close, it might be a sign of tight guides or high spring tension.

    As mentioned, the high spring tension can cause the door to operate poorly.

    To deal with a faulty spring, hire a professional to fix it for you.

    The spring might need adjustment or repair for this case.

    Contact Smooth Garage Doors in Richmond Hill and Vaughan!

    Make sure to address the problems once you encounter them with your commercial roll-up door, especially if you don’t want them to disrupt your business operations.

    The mentioned commercial roll-up troubleshooting tips might help you to fix the problem at hand.

    However, if you don’t have the time to fix your roll-up door issues, call Smooth Garage Doors to do the work for you! We’ll make your roll-up door working again!

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