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    Similar to residential garage doors, commercial ones are also important.

    However, both have different purposes.

    A commercial garage door is used regularly to ensure that the business operations are going smoothly.

    Hence, it needs to be well-maintained to keep it from malfunctioning.

    If you fail to do it, don’t be surprised when it causes serious problems that can affect your business.

    Every business requires a sturdy garage door.

    But when you don’t even bother taking care of it, it will also fail to function correctly.

    When your garage door is acting up, seek help from a commercial garage door service in Richmond Hill.

    Besides, there is nothing more stressful than having a malfunctioning commercial garage door.

    For this reason, we have provided some of the common problems with garage doors that need a professional commercial garage door service in Richmond Hill:

    Broken Rollers

    If you’re wondering what rollers are, they are the wheels located and moving along the track.

    They are available in three materials – plastic, nylon, and steel.

    Regardless of what type of rollers you have with your garage door, it will wear over time, decreasing its size.

    When you encounter a shrinking roller, or a chipped one, replace them.

    But it’s better to call a professional to execute the job correctly.

    Broken Torsion Spring

    If your garage door is difficult to open, the cause of the problem could be a broken torsion spring.

    Besides, the lifespan of the garage door almost depends on the condition of the springs.

    If the springs are new and in good condition, the less likely you have to encounter garage door problems since most issues are caused by a broken spring.

    Torsion springs are rated for several cycles, with 10,000 and more.

    When they reach the end of their cycle, they begin to wear out and are vulnerable to corrosion.

    Thus, you have to watch out if your garage door needs a replacement as well.

    When dealing with a broken spring, it’s best to leave it to a garage door repair service.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors so we can replace the torsion springs for you.

    You might save the garage door by ensuring the springs are in good condition.

    Broken Cables

    If the garage door suddenly shut, the problem might be due to the cables snapping off.

    This problem can be dangerous since it can endanger an employee if he happens to be in the way.

    If this is the problem with your garage door, hire a commercial garage door service in Richmond Hill to replace the cables.

    Track Misalignment

    Commercial garage doors run along the tracks, which is prone to corrosion.

    When the tracks are rusted, it causes the door to misalign.

    Also, if something hits the garage door, the tracks can misalign.

    It will lead to damage on rollers, which can burn out other garage door parts, including the garage door motor and tracks.

    With this problem, a simple adjustment will do.

    However, commercial garage doors are heavy.

    Don’t bother trying to address the problem on your own.

    Pay attention to other aspects of your business, and leave the adjustment to us.

    Dented Panels

    While you may think a dented panel will cause no harm, you’re wrong.

    It can disrupt the regular operation of your garage door.

    As a result, it will also lead to damage to other garage door parts.

    Dented panels need replacement, especially if the damage is enormous.

    Consult the problem to a professional to know the best course of action to take for the panels.

    Broken Opener

    If you find it hard to operate your garage door using the remote, the culprit must be a broken garage door opener.

    However, it can be tricky to blame the problem when it comes to the opener since many factors also come into play, such as a faulty remote or a malfunctioning garage door motor.

    Let us inspect the cause of why it’s difficult for you to operate the door.

    We’ll see to it that the problem is addressed.

    The next time you know, you can already open and close the garage door.

    When You Need a Repair, Call Smooth Garage Doors!

    These are the common commercial garage door problems that need repairs.

    If these do not cause a problem with your garage door, you may need a professional to take a look at it.

    Call us now, and we’ll inspect your garage door.

    We will help you diagnose the cause of the problem to bring it back to normal condition.

    Contact Smooth Garage Doors for a commercial garage door service in Richmond Hill!

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