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    A malfunctioning garage door motor can cause downtime to your business operations.

    You may find your garage door suddenly stops working that can delay the deliveries.

    Isn’t this the most convenient?

    However, when faced with this kind of situation, you need to know how to deal with it.

    For this reason, we will guide you through all about garage door motor and when to call a commercial garage door motor repair if you’re in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    What Are Garage Door Motors?

    A garage door motor is a mechanical device that allows your garage door opener to operate.

    It is powered by an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) from batteries.

    It can be used for different openers, such as chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct-drive, and jackshaft drive.

    A standard garage door motor contains a moving rotor driving the shaft.

    It also comprises of stator, bearings, windings, and a commutator.

    The parts the make up the garage door motor can be prone to wear and tear over time.

    When such a scenario happens, it might cause failure to the motor itself.

    When it is damaged, you can no longer operate your garage door opener.

    How to Spot a Damaged Motor

    Usually, you cannot spot a damaged motor easily because it can mimic the garage door opener or remote control problems.

    However, if your garage door has been suffering from alignment issues, it drives the motor to work hard, which can cause straining up to the point of failure.

    Consider getting a commercial garage door motor repair when your garage door has been experiencing the following issues:

    1. The door does not respond at all

    If the door doesn’t respond to either the remote or the opener, you might want to reset the remote frequency.

    However, if you hear the motor operating while the garage door is not moving an inch, there must be something wrong with the opener.

    Check the issue with a garage door repair company as the opener itself might need a replacement.

    2. The garage door motor is noisy

    If you hear more noise than usual from your super quiet opener, it must be coming from the motor assembly itself.

    If the squeaking, clattering noise, or unusual motor sound is audible every time the door opens or closes, call a technician.

    3. The motor is old

    An aging motor can be less reliable over time.

    You may find your garage door working inconsistently. This means that you need to replace the opener as soon as possible.

    4. The door is moving slowly

    The garage door’s movement can be set at a certain speed.

    However, if it’s moving sluggish or slow, this can mean something is wrong.

    If your garage door is moving slowly or opens halfway, the motor might not be able to provide the required energy to lift the door.

    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair Services We Offer

    If one of the issues above is present with your garage door, call Smooth Garage Doors to fix the problem for you.

    When it comes to the garage door motor, we will do the following to ensure it is working correctly again:

    • Inspect the motor and other garage parts for potential damage
    • Clean the motor mechanism to get rid of dirt and grime
    • Reconnect the loose wires connected to the opener
    • Replace or repair worn damaged components that could lead to the damage of the motor
    • Realigning of the moving parts
    • Lubricating parts to lessen friction and wearing
    • Replace the garage door motor assembly
    • Test the functionality of the garage door motor

    Mind you that we will also inspect other parts of the garage door since they might cause your motor to fail.

    A garage door consists of various components and hardware.

    Hence, it’s essential to check everything because if there is damage to one of them, it can affect the garage door’s overall system.

    Contact Smooth Garage Doors in Richmond Hill and Vaughan

    It’s not easy to spot a malfunctioning garage door motor.

    For this reason, the inspection must be done by a professional garage door repair company to make sure the cause of damage to the garage door is detected.

    Once they see the problem, they will know how to diagnose it.

    If you want a company that provides commercial garage door services, call Smooth Garage Doors! Don’t bother fixing the problems with your garage door.

    Let us do our job, and we’ll fix it for you.

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