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    A garage door is complex equipment made with different parts and hardware.

    Despite its complexity, its operation is simple.

    Hence, we use it every day because of how convenient and easy it is to use.

    We use it before leaving the house to move the car outside, and we use it again to park our vehicle inside.

    You can use it to store your child’s bikes and toys.

    Hence, they can also use it when they’re playing with their friends.

    Because of how frequently you use it in a year, it’s a wonder a garage door can last several years.

    However, despite its durability and long-life, it can malfunction any time, all the more if you haven’t been taking care of it.

    For this reason, it’s best to avail of affordable garage door services from a professional.

    You can call Smooth Garage Doors to fix your garage door quickly and efficiently!

    Moreover, these are the affordable garage door services we provide:

    Spring Repair & Replacement

    Springs are under pressure and tension all the time.

    When one spring breaks, you’ll know it when the garage door suddenly produces a banging sound.

    Springs are dangerous to work with since fixing them can risk you to potential injuries and accidents.

    For this reason, it should be replaced by a garage door repair service to ensure the replacement is done correctly.

    Cable Replacement

    Similar to springs, cables are difficult to fix once they snap.

    Damaged cables can cause the door to crash down suddenly. Hence, a DIY repair is not recommended.

    Leave the repair or replacement by a professional to make sure it is appropriately executed.

    Panel Replacement

    Panel damage is a cosmetic issue.

    While you may be thinking it’s easy to repair the panels’ dents and cracks, it is not entirely true.

    Fixing huge cracks and dents on panels require two people to work with it.

    Often, a panel needs either a replacement or a repair depends on how severe the problem is.

    Roller and Tracks Adjustment & Replacement

    Rollers and tracks can get damaged as well.

    If the rollers do not longer move, it needs replacement.

    On the other hand, if the door is off-track, an adjustment will do.

    But if the tracks are severely damaged, it can affect the other garage door parts’ condition.

    The damage will allow the parts to work harder than usual, which can cause additional damage.

    For this reason, leave the repairs to a professional when you encounter damaged rollers and tracks.

    Automatic Opener Repair

    Openers allow for the door to move up and down.

    Hence, when it’s damaged, it’s likely the garage door motor or the sensors are at fault.

    You can test the garage door’s auto-reverse mechanism by placing wood or any object along the path of the door.

    If the garage door crashes the object, the sensors might be the problem.

    Another way is to test if the garage door motor is working well.

    If it keeps running while the garage door is not moving anymore, you need to check the problem with a professional.

    Garage Door Installation

    Aside from repairs, we also provide installation.

    If your garage door is old or is not working anymore, it needs a replacement.

    There are many garage doors available in the market.

    You can choose the style you want or add customization if you want to.

    Talk with us regarding the garage door you want, and we can help you decide.

    We will also install your new garage door for you.

    Garage Door Maintenance

    It’s essential to perform maintenance regularly, let’s say, every quarter or so.

    You can also leave the maintenance to Smooth Garage Doors.

    We will also provide you tips on how to do it so you can do the job on your own.

    When Should You Call for Repairs?

    You need a garage door repair service when your garage door doesn’t function normally anymore.

    The other issues you can also watch out for to determine if you have a malfunctioning garage door are the following:

    1. The garage door fails to move
    2. The garage door is noisy when it moves
    3. The garage door is off-track
    4. The garage door is sagging
    5. The auto-reverse mechanism does not work properly

    Call Us for a Repair!

    It’s crucial to determine if the things you should do is beyond your skills, especially when dealing with garage doors.

    You should consider the safety and risks when handling the job on your own.

    For this reason, leave the job to the experts.

    If you want affordable garage door services in Richmond Hill and Vaughan, call Smooth Garage Doors now!

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