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    Many homeowners use their garage doors to store their valuable belongings, aside from their cars.

    You can easily open and close a garage door.

    You can also use it as a security measure to protect your house and your family.

    Hence, these make a garage door convenient to use.

    However, problems happen, and it’s no exception when it comes to garage doors.

    When you have a problematic garage door, you may want to fix it on your own.

    But, it’s not recommended to handle the problem yourself since you can even contribute to more damage and injuries to your loved ones.

    When issues develop with your garage door, seek help from Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    With us, you can ensure your garage door will be back to its former glory.

    Your Trusted 24 Hr Garage Door Repair

    It’s essential to hire a professional when you want your garage door fixed.

    Not only will you be able to protect yourself from injury, but you can save costs in the long run.

    And as we know, injuries and damage mean spending money, which is the last thing we want to happen.

    As much as possible, we want to save on costs.

    If you find your garage door not opening during the early dawn, you may think there are no available garage door repairs.

    With several garage door repair companies in Richmond Hill and Vaughan, it’s not a surprise anymore if they offer 24 hr garage door repair services.

    Besides, most companies know that garage door problem can happen at any time of the day.

    By addressing homeowners’ common issues, they come to a solution that providing 24 hr garage door repair services will solve every homeowner’s problems.

    With just a call no matter what time it is, you can expect the garage door service will come immediately to your door.

    You can also expect efficient, quick, and reliable services from them.

    In a matter of hours, you’ll find yourself using the garage door again.

    Also, you may find your garage door will look even better.

    Whether it needs maintenance or cleaning, the experienced technician will turn your boring and dull garage door into a good-looking one.

    Luckily, Smooth Garage Doors offer garage door repair services in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    With our extensive years of fixing garage doors, we know everything about them.

    Whether you need a garage door installation, garage door motor, or a spring repair, we will provide it for you.

    Garage Door Repair Services We Provide

    Promises aside, we want you to witness how we do our job.

    If you want a garage door repair from us, you should know first some of the high-quality services we provide:

    Garage Door Installation: This process includes installing the tracks, springs, cables, hinges, locks, rollers, and handles.

    Expect a high-quality installation when working with us.

    During the process, we inspect the parts if they are in good condition.

    Then, we adjust depending on the size of your garage and if you want any customization.

    We ensure the installation process is done correctly to avoid the need for repairs any time soon.

    Garage Door Opener Repair: If your opener is damaged, it would be difficult for you to automatically open and close the garage door.

    Once you encounter problems with the opener, seek help from us.

    The opener consists of electrical components such as chains, remote, and motor.

    Hence, it’s impossible to fix it on your own.

    Call us for an opener repair! When we do the repairs, we inspect, assess, adjust, lubricate, and repair.

    In short, we do what is necessary to bring back the condition of your opener.

    Spring Repair & Replacement: Springs hold a lot of tension that is released upon opening the door.

    Hence, it’s prone to damage.

    If you see gaps or a dangling spring, it’s best to leave the job to us.

    Your springs might need either a repair or replacement.

    Cable Repair & Replacement: Similar to springs, cables can be challenging to deal with.

    When the cables are damaged, you might find the door suddenly shuts down.

    Inspect the condition of the cables. If you spot a snapping cable, call us for a replacement.

    Off-Track Repair: Damaged tracks can wear down the rest of the garage door parts.

    If you observe your door’s operation is off-balanced, your garage door can collapse at any time.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors, and we’ll fix the tracks for you.

    Need Professional Help?

    If you want a garage door repair in Vaughan and Richmond Hill, you don’t need to hesitate.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors now!

    We cater to emergency requests any time of the day! Contact us directly to see how we do our work!

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