Reasons Why Garage Door Openers Fail

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    Experienced being stuck and locked in a garage?

    Does it stop midway during its function?

    If YES, then the garage doors are in serious trouble and need immediate attention.

    Technically, garage doors have designs and details that make them regal depending on what we wanted them to look like.

    However, owning a unique opener makes it hard for someone to repair and even install it in a normal way.

    Luckily, Smooth Garage Doors have various garage door services that can help us in our need during door issues.

    We have garage door opener installation and repairs that can be of great help during emergencies.

    We have a team that can install any garage door designs and we give cleaning and maintenance tips for new owners.

    We also accommodate other door troubles like spring installation, cable issues, and other garage door-related problems.

    Call our customer service team and we will help in any way we can.

    When Is The Right Time To Have A Garage Door Opener Repair?

    Garage doors rarely fail but it can happen at our least expected moment.

    It can be stressful for someone who does not know what to do if there’s a door opener issue.

    The question now is, ‘When is the right time to have a garage door opener repaired?’

    Of course, we can only do repairs on the parts where the problem lies but knowing what causes the issue can do more good on the door.

    Technically, it will be very helpful to schedule regular inspections and maintenance.

    An expert from a trusted company can do the checking and will tell us what the right thing to do on the damaged part.

    The experts can check all parts of the opener including other garage door accessories to fully assess the efficiency of our existing doors.

    When the doors need immediate repair, our team of repairers will do the job of committing high-quality work.

    In this regard, we can ensure the efficiency and quality of our garage door opener.

    Reasons Why Garage Door Openers Fail

    Just like any other device, garage door openers fail and will cause us to spend money on repairs.

    There are various reasons why these issues happen and as owners, we need to know the reasons why this happens.

    Here are a few reasons why our openers fail to function:

    Garage Door Openers Move Fast

    An opener that moves fast is a sign that the door needs an immediate repair or replacement.

    We can do adjustments on the close limit switches by using adjustable screws.

    During the process, we can control or adjust the speed based on how fast or slow we want it to be.

    Yet, having a professional to check and do the adjustments is the right thing to do.

    Thus, lubricating door parts is one way of avoiding this kind of issue.

    The Motors Are Moving But The Openers Does Not Seem To Function

    One of the most alarming signs is when the motors are functioning but the opener itself isn’t moving.

    When this situation happens, calling a trusted garage door expert is the right thing to do.

    Overlooking this kind of sign can do more bad than good on our garage door openers.

    Thus, it is better to let an expert handle the issue before the situation gets worse.

    Signal Issues

    Signal issues or interferences between a controller and the sensor are also another sign that we have to know.

    Technically, garage door openers follow every command as long as there is no interference during the exchange of commands.

    Preferably, have the antennas in a location where they can receive the signal.

    Ensure that it is hanging down and is free from any interference or obstruction.

    Regular inspection and maintenance can help in avoiding signal issues.

    Also, be sure to change the batteries of the remote to avoid barred commands.

    Bear in mind that signal issues sometimes happen when the batteries exceed their shelf life.

    Issues On The Remote And Switches

    Recent trends and advancements in the construction world make it possible for automated garage door openers.

    Openers that have an automatic function can receive commands and function based on those commands.

    It is safe to say that these openers are truly of top quality.

    However, issues with the remote and switches can be stressful.

    Checking the connections, cables, and wires connected to the power source is one way to know what causes the problem.

    To avoid extra troubles, it is ideal to seek professional help and let an expert deal with the issue.

    Smooth Garage Doors – #1 Company For Garage Door Openers

    By far, garage door openers are one of the most trusted security or barriers in a structure whether a residential or a commercial one.

    As mentioned above, there are various designs and alterations on these openers that make it difficult for a regular owner to fix.

    Smooth Garage Door offers various garage door services that can be of great help during emergencies.

    We do have garage door opener installation and repairs, spring services, and cable repairs.

    We have skilled staff that can do both inspection and repair processes.

    Moreover, we follow international standards and use quality garage door parts during replacements.

    Call our customer service team and we will commit to a quality work.

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