Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

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    The modern age calls for the need for automated garage doors.

    Due to this technology, it’s easy to open and close the door with a push of the remote.

    However, there are instances that a garage door is difficult to open after pressing the remote many times.

    You may find it easy to open when you’re near, but when you’re a bit far away, there goes the problem.

    If this is the problem you’ve been encountering with your garage door, there must be a problem with the opener range.

    To help you solve this issue, you do different ways to increase garage door sensor range.

    Replace the Old Batteries

    If it was years ago you last changed your batteries; it’s time to do it again.

    After all, a dead battery will prevent you from using your garage door.

    It’s essential to replace the battery as it is the best and most straightforward way to increase garage door sensor range.

    If you haven’t replaced it for a while now, do it now, or else you your garage door will stop working anytime.

    Make sure to buy a reputable and long-lasting battery for your remote.

    In this way, you don’t have to change it more often.

    However, make sure to replace the battery every 2 to 3 years to prevent corrosion.

    Buy a New Remote

    If replacing the battery did not work, maybe the problem is with your remote.

    If it’s old, the buttons might get wear out, and the metal securing the battery might get dented.

    This results in the battery popping out.

    There are times that light won’t appear whenever you click the remote.

    If you don’t see it, it’s time to buy a new one.

    The light indicates that the remote communicates with the opener to allow the garage door to move.

    If it’s not visible, the remote is dead. Thus, it needs a replacement.

    Change the Remote’s Frequency

    Another way to increase garage door sensor range is to change the frequency.

    Most openers function in 315 MHz frequency.

    If the opener does not work in this frequency any longer, you can change it.

    To do this, read the manual on the opener for the instructions.

    You can also hire a garage door repair service in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to help you change the frequency.

    Consider Installing an Antenna Extension

    Openers have an antenna placed on top of them.

    The antenna serves as the means for the opener and remote to exchange signals.

    By communicating through signals, it will be possible for the door to open and close as you click the remote.

    If you find inconsistency in opening the garage door, you can install an antenna extension.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors to do the work for you!

    Remove Electrical Interference

    Remote control and the opener communicate through the exchange of frequencies.

    Thus, this allows the garage door to open or close.

    However, if you’re near electrical interference such as security systems, television, LED lights, and the airport, you may find it hard to operate your garage door.

    The reason is the frequency is easily disrupted by other electrical components that use radio frequencies.

    Make sure to keep these electrical devices away from your garage door to allow you to operate them.

    Look for the component that is disturbing the communication between your opener and remote.

    While doing this can be a hassle, it’s worth it.

    By narrowing the problem, you can eliminate it quickly.

    However, establishments such as security systems and airports can be challenging to deal with.

    With this, you can ask a garage door service for other tips on increasing garage door sensor range.

    Consult your problem with Smooth Garage Doors!

    These tips are some of the most effective ways to increase garage door sensor range.

    You can also browse through the internet for videos and tutorials.

    However, if you find it too troublesome to do the steps, you can always count on Smooth Garage Doors in Richmond Hill and Vaughan to assist you.

    We will help you increase your opener range and give you more tips and advice on using your opener efficiently.

    Besides that, we can also do garage door repairs, garage door installation, maintenance, and tune-ups.

    Whatever you need from us, we’ll provide it for you.

    Don’t prolong your agony! Call Smooth Garage Doors to increase your garage door opener range!

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