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    A garage door is vulnerable to wear and tear despite how durable and long-lasting it is.

    The reason is that it is frequently used as a means to enter and leave your car and belongings.

    Consequently, a garage door is bound to experience problems from time to time.

    It is essential to know what causes your door to malfunction, whether it won’t open or close, or the motor keeps running while there is no movement.

    One component that is continuously used and prone to damage is the garage door motor.

    Thus, we will discuss how to spot if the garage motor is not working and how you can do it.

    The Opener Motor has no Power

    If your garage door won’t open or close, there’s one reason for the cause of it – the opener is not connected to the power outlet.

    It can be a stupid and funny scenario, but this is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when they think that the garage motor is not working.

    You may have absent-mindedly disconnected the garage door motor from the power source as you were about to leave your garage.

    People tend to forget they have accidentally done it.

    Often, a powerless opener motor also indicates a problem with the circuit breaker or its fuse.

    However, when dealing with such a problem, it’s best to leave the repairs to knowledgeable professionals in electric wirings.

    Another reason is due to a faulty outlet.

    If you have previously plugged an electric tool into the socket and it did not turn on, there must be a problem with the outlet.

    In this case, plug the opener motor elsewhere until the outlet is fixed.

    Expired Batteries

    You need a remote control to access the opener to make the door move.

    If you find pressing the remote won’t open your garage door, check the batteries. It could be dead somehow.

    When you have this problem, you are in luck since it’s easy to deal with dead batteries.

    Change the batteries on your remote at the back cover.

    Slide off the back cover, and place the batteries.

    Also, make sure you have set the battery in the right position, or else the remote won’t work.

    Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

    When your garage door is stuck closed, it might result from misadjusted sensitivity on the setting of your garage door motor.

    This is a usual problem, especially for garage doors that was just installed, the factory settings are not adjusted correctly.

    To give you information about sensitivity settings, it sets the amount of force that the garage door will make during the operation.

    If the settings are off, it might trick the opener that the garage door is either too heavy to need a force and also lightweight to use it.

    The opener motor will not respond to the prompt if the settings are off.

    As a result, the garage door won’t close.

    Make sure to adjust the settings by referring to the manual of your opener.

    The Motor Has Been Deactivated

    It doesn’t always indicate that when a garage door doesn’t move, there’s a problem with the garage door, remote, or even the opener.

    Simply put, the motor might be disconnected.

    The function of the motor switch is to allow the garage door to operate during the power outage.

    However, there are times that the cord connecting to the motor switch might get caught or pulled, resulting in a disabled motor.

    Make sure to check the motor if it’s connected.

    If it doesn’t, there must be a more severe problem with your garage door motor.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors to fix the problem.

    The Gear is Stripped in the Opener

    As the garage door is approaching its end of life, the stress accumulated from frequent usage and daily activity can affect the opener motor.

    Once the motor gear is stripped, the opener won’t work.

    When you find the opener motor is making a humming noise during the operation but doesn’t function, the gear is the culprit.

    In this case, a replacement is necessary for it.

    However, in most cases, when a gear is damaged, you might need to buy a new opener.

    In the meantime, you cannot use the opener; you might need to operate your garage door manually.

    To prevent the hassle of manual operation, you can always ask for help from a garage door repair service to assist you.

    Need a Garage Door Motor Repair?

    If the methods above did not work to fix your garage door motor, it must be damaged.

    Hence, it needs a replacement or a professional repair.

    If your garage motor is not working, you can count on Smooth Garage Doors to fix it for you.

    There are times that a garage door motor needs more than just a DIY repair since the cause of the problems might be more significant than what you expect.

    Call our team in Richmond Hill and Vaughan!

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