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    Nothing is as frustrating if the garage door won’t close – from leaving your house vulnerable to theft and intruders to increasing your electricity bill.

    After all, a garage door that doesn’t close is terrible news.

    But the good news is, there are different methods you may follow in dealing with a garage door that won’t close.

    We’ll provide you with details to avoid wasting your time.

    In this way, you’ll be able to fix it if the garage door won’t close.

    Troubleshooting a Garage Door That Won’t Close

    There are various reasons behind a garage door that won’t close.

    It is imperative to check and find the root cause of the problem.

    By doing a check-up and inspection, you’ll be able to notice what is going on.

    Adjust the Limit Setting

    An off-limit setting is the most common reason why a garage door won’t close.

    An off mode of the limit setting signals the garage door to stay shut when it should be open.

    It communicates with the garage door that it has already touched the ground, and the system signals it to stay open so that it hits an obstruction.

    This allows the garage door to remain in an open position.

    Fixing the problem will vary on the garage door opener type you have.

    It might take trial and error with adjusting the limit setting.

    Make sure to read the instruction manual to see if you’re doing it correctly.

    On most models, a little bit of adjustment on the limit setting is required.

    But the adjustment is found most on screw drive opener types.

    It might be easier to adjust the setting for newer model types since you can find instructions online.

    Misaligned Garage Door Sensors

    Another reason that a garage door won’t stay closed is that garage door sensors are misaligned.

    Sensors are located at the garage door’s bottom sides, along the floor.

    They ensure that the door won’t collide with any obstructions along the door’s way.

    Hence, they are crucial to the safety of the garage door system.

    Sensors must be aligned to function properly.

    Most of them are extremely sensitive.

    Even the slightest bump can wreck the alignment of the sensors.

    If you find your garage door not closing and is reversing back to open position without any detected objects, something might have bumped the sensors that lead to misalignment.

    To solve this issue, level the sensors to ensure alignment.

    However, if the door refuses to stay close after leveling the sensors, you can also check if they are dirty.

    Clean them with a rag, making sure no dirt is found.

    If the methods above don’t work, you can ask for help from garage door repair service in Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors to assist you with the misaligned sensors.

    An Obstruction is in the Way

    An obstruction might be detected by sensors that prevent the garage door from closing.

    If you close the garage door by clicking the remote, but then it begins to reverse back to an open position, there must be a large object detected by the sensors.

    The obstructions might be a rock, stray animal, or a vehicle that is in the way.

    Make sure to get rid of the objects to allow the door to stay closed.

    As mentioned, a garage door sensor is sensitive, as well as the garage door system itself.

    Another reason that the garage door won’t stay closed is the tracks might be dirty.

    If you did not clean them for a long time, the build of debris and dirt might signal the garage door to stay open.

    To fix this problem, clean the grime and dirt build-up with a rag soaked with a cleaning solution.

    What to Do When It’s More than the Usual Problem

    There are cases that a garage door refuses to close because there might be a bigger issue hiding that needs to be dealt with.

    The problem is probably more than just cleaning tracks, readjusting the limit setting, or clearing the path from obstructions.

    If you find one of the problems does not solve a garage door that won’t stay close, you need an expert for a professional diagnosis.

    To fix the garage door for good, call Smooth Garage Doors!

    We provide garage door repair, garage door installation, maintenance, and tune-up.

    Count on our team as we will make sure to open your garage door successfully.

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