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    A garage door suddenly slamming shut can damage itself and can also endanger you and your family.

    If you have noticed this problem with your garage door, it’s better to get it fixed immediately by a garage door repair company.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to fix your door!

    Meanwhile, we will explain why a garage door slams shut and when you should call a professional for the repairs.

    Why a Garage Door Slams Shut

    The garage door requires all the parts and components to work together and in good condition.

    However, if the parts begin to wear out, that’s when the problems happen, and a slamming garage door is one of them.

    Let’s take a look at the significant reasons why a garage door slams shut.

    Broken Garage Door Springs

    The garage door spring carries the entire weight of your overhead door.

    It stores tension when the door is closed and releases it to allow the door to open.

    Without the springs, it won’t be easy for the garage door opener to lift the garage door by itself.

    The opener only commands the garage door whether to open or close automatically.

    Since it is a modern invention, it relies on the springs to realize the garage door’s opening.

    However, springs can get damaged over time.

    After all, they are not designed to last forever.

    They can only be used within a limited number of cycles, with a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of more than 20,000 cycles.

    Think of the cycle as when the garage door moves up and down.

    When the springs reach near the end of the cycle, they can become weak.

    They lose the strength and pressure.

    As a result, problems may happen.

    One of them is when a garage door slams shut.

    Don’t use the springs when you see they’re showing signs of weakness and wearing.

    You could harm yourself in the process when a garage door slams shut.

    Or it could be worse than that.

    The Close-force Adjustment Setting is High

    The close-force setting is a feature found on any garage door openers.

    It allows the user to increase or decrease energy to lift and release the garage door properly.

    The force can be adjusted depending on the garage door’s heaviness, changes in weather conditions, and garage door components due to wear and tear.

    If the force setting is set too low for a heavy garage door, the garage door opener might have a difficult time to lift or drop the garage door safely.

    On the other hand, if the force setting is too high, it could cause the garage door to slam shut.

    Since the setting is set too high, the garage door opener will force the garage door to hit the floor harshly.

    However, setting the close-force setting too high is not a common problem.

    The garage door repair expert will usually set it for you during the garage door installation.

    But if you have tweaked the close force setting accidentally, then it might be the reason why your garage door is slamming hard.

    When Do You Need to Fix The Garage Door?

    A slamming garage door is a symptom of a larger problem in your garage door.

    It can be due to a broken garage door spring or an accidental tweak on the close-force setting.

    This can lead to more severe problems if you don’t address them soon.

    When you find your garage door continuously slamming after adjusting the close-force setting, then the problem is from your springs.

    Once the door hits the floor too hard every time, the panels can get wrecked over time.

    The problem could even affect other parts of your garage door.

    If you don’t fix the garage door right away, it will cost you more in the long-run.

    Or it might force you to buy a new garage door.

    Remember that there is always an unmentioned rule for every garage door: once you spot minor damage, get it fixed by a professional before the problems might escalate to bigger ones.

    Call us for a Professional Repair!

    Once you find your garage door slams shut, call Smooth Garage Doors to fix the problem for you.

    Most likely, the problem is due to a damaged spring.

    In this case, leave the repairs to us since fixing a broken spring can cause injury to you if you don’t handle the repairs very carefully.

    If you’re in Richmond Hill and Vaughan, contact Smooth Garage Doors to get rid of the slamming!

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