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    Garage doors are always in use and constant outdoor exposure.

    Without the proper care and maintenance, it will get damages faster.

    It’s always essential that you make it a point to schedule an inspection for the doors in the garage.

    Book a check-up at least once a year, so you know the condition of the doors to your garage.

    You won’t need to spend on surprise repairs due to bigger impairments that have built up over time.

    Consider the minor repairs as a safety measure to keep the doors in shape.

    A simple adjustment and some minor replacements can take your door a long way.

    It’s best to have a reliable company as your partner in maintaining the doors to your garage.

    After all, you will be working with them every time you need to fix damage to the door.

    No matter how big or small the damages are, you need somebody with relevant repair experience.

    An expert who can keep tabs on your doors can help you plan ahead of schedule.

    We are Smooth Garage Doors, and our goal is to help you keep the doors to your garage for a long time.

    We offer garage door repair services for homes and businesses.

    There’s no model or brand we can’t fix; we can help you keep the most long-lasting doors to your garage.

    We have provided high-quality repair work to many homeowners and business owners around town.

    Contact us if you have any concerns or problems regarding your doors.

    Common repair services

    Our team has a vast range of experience with all kinds of garage doors in various establishments.

    You won’t have to question our expertise as we take on the damage to your doors.

    If you’re not sure whether the doors in your garage are in optimal condition, we can perform an inspection first.

    Our garage door repair services can fix any problem afterward

    • Door sensor alignment and repair
    • Track alignment and off-track door adjustment
    • Door panel damage repair
    • Panel dent repair
    • Broken torsion spring or tension spring repair
    • Loose cable adjustment
    • Damaged cable replacement
    • Door operator motor and driver repair
    • Noisy door operator and mechanism
    • Remote control and wall switch programming
    • Complete inspection services
    • Tune-up and maintenance service
    • Other door damage and services

    Smooth Garage Doors offers countless services to fix any damage to your door.

    If you are experiencing issues in your doors that you can’t identify, give us a call.

    We are available to take service calls and booked appointments.

    Emergency repair service

    Repair services aren’t the only crucial aspect to keeping a well-maintained heavy-duty door.

    It would be best if you had a team you can always count on in times of emergencies.

    Extensive damages to the mechanism sometimes lead to unexpected disasters inside the garage.

    A door panel may get stuck in fragile door tracks.

    You may experience untimely motor explosions in the garage.

    Some scenarios require urgent service to limit compromises to your safety.

    Don’t risk yourself trying to fix severe damages; contact us immediately.

    24/7 repair service

    Accessible service is vital for many people who are always out.

    Many homeowners and business owners have busy days all the time.

    You will barely remember routine inspections and regular maintenance work.

    Before you know it, a long time has passed since the initial installation of the doors.

    If you’re looking for services that offer availability all the time, we are here for you.

    You can book our team any time and any day of the week to attend to your doors.

    Why is a professional repair necessary?

    There are many ways to fix damage to the doors in your garage.

    You won’t find a shortage of methods for an easy and almost cost-less repair.

    Is a professional service still necessary when you can look up online to find the best solutions?

    The answer is this: YES, you still need the work of professional repair technicians.

    Our professional experience and thorough training guarantee only long-lasting repairs to damages.

    When you invest in complete professional repairs, you will have fewer recurring damages or issues to face later on.

    Book an inspection and maintenance job with our team. We are always available for your concerns.

    We are Smooth Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door repair services in the area.

    Our team of repair technicians is always ready to take care of the damages to heavy-duty doors.

    We aim to be the team you can always count on for high-quality repairs.

    Regardless of how severe the damages are, 100% work is still necessary to keep the doors in pristine condition.

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