Garage Door Opener Motor is Not Working

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    A faulty garage door is convenient and can be frustrating.

    If you’re on your way to work, you can’t open the door.

    Unfortunately, a similar situation happens when you went home from work to park your vehicle inside the garage.

    If you are faced with this situation, there must be an issue with your garage door motor.

    For this reason, we will tell you how to know if your garage door opener motor is not working and what to do with it.

    But if you don’t want to mess with your garage door motor, call Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to fix the problem for you.

    How to Fix a Damaged Garage Door Opener

    These are the following issues to determine if your garage door opener motor is not working and how you can do about it:

    The garage door won’t open.

    If you have been trying to open your garage door and it does not seem to work, there must be a problem with your remote or the opener.

    For the remote, check the battery if it is working.

    If not, replace it with a new one.

    Or you can buy a new remote if replacing the battery does not work.

    However, if the remote solutions did not solve the problem, the garage door motor might be the culprit.

    If you have been hearing the motor running while the door does not move, it needs a repair.

    To address the opener problem, check if the motor unit is connected to the power source.

    If it is, disconnect the motor, plug it back and operate the door as usual.

    If this method does not work, the opener motor might be burned out.

    You might need a garage door repair service to fix the opener motor for you.

    The opener is old.

    Opener motors do not require regular maintenance, but they do last for only ten years.

    If your garage door motor is around ten years already, expect to encounter issues with it.

    Thus, call a garage door repair service for a replacement.

    The door is not moving consistently.

    The problem with the door’s movement can be due to the auto-reverse mechanism or switch problems.

    First, you need to test the auto-reverse mechanism.

    Place an object along the door’s path.

    If the door suddenly reverses before touching the object, there’s no problem with the sensors.

    However, there are cases that the rollers are the culprit.

    Especially if the rollers are not well-lubrication, the friction that generates tricks the opener that the overhead door has reached the floor.

    As a result, the garage door won’t close all the way.

    Therefore, adjust the sensitivity of the close-force setting.

    But, if the garage door only opens halfway, the up-limit switch might be the culprit.

    Place the switch near the motor unit to allow the opening of the door.

    This might be a rare problem.

    However, if the opener motor was newly installed, this is a usual situation.

    If the methods above don’t work, never hesitate to ask help from a garage door repair service to assist you.

    There might be more pressing problems than what is indicated above.

    The opener won’t respond to the remote

    If you fail to move the garage door after you have replaced the batteries or buy a new remote, maybe it’s time also to check the range of the antenna, or the remote might need reprogramming.

    Your current antenna might not be picking enough frequency from the remote.

    To address this problem, consider buying an additional antenna extension to boost the range.

    If this does not work, try reprogramming the remote.

    You can refer to the manual on how to do it.

    However, as with all DIY solutions, they can be a temporary fix.

    It’s better to hire a professional to know why your garage door opener motor is not working.

    Seek help from Smooth Garage Doors!

    Automatic openers are simple devices but can be a headache when trying to fix them since they get faulty for various reasons.

    When trying to fix an opener, it’s essential to know that it’s a complicated job and requires a professional to do the job.

    If you want to fix it on your own, reject the idea as you might inflict more damage on your garage door.

    When dealing with opener problems, call Smooth Garage Doors to fix it.

    Mostly if the solutions above did not work, the problem might be something that only professionals can detect and fix.

    Call us now to bring back the former glory of your garage door opener!

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