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    Garage doors function because of the complicated parts that make them up.

    They include the rollers, tracks, springs, cables, and hardware parts such as hinges, screws, and bolts.

    When you operate the garage door, it quickly opens or closes with the use of the remote.

    Despite the simple mechanism, it can be prone to malfunctioning, mostly if you use it many times in a day.

    Hence, it’s understandable when things go wrong with your garage door.

    And the more common problem with a garage door is off-track.

    However, do you know how to do a garage door off-track repair?

    When you encounter a garage door getting off-track, the best way to solve the problem is to seek help from Smooth Garage Doors in Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

    We can assess and diagnose the problem to help your door to operate smoothly again.

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    However, some things can be achieved even at home, especially for a garage door off-track.

    For this reason, we have provided everything you need to know why off-track doors occur and how to perform a garage door off-track repair.

    Causes of Off-Track Doors

    There are many reasons why garage doors get off-track, including the following:

    Intense Impact

    If you have accidentally bumped your garage door with your car before, the door might get off-track.

    In this case, the repairs needed might depend on the severity of the damage.

    Moreover, using an off-track garage door is dangerous as it can entirely fall out of the place.

    Make sure to check this issue with a garage door repair service to be given a proper diagnosis.

    Loose Hardware

    The daily movement of the garage door causes the hardware parts such as hinges and bolts to lose.

    This puts stress on the garage door parts, leading to an off-track garage door.

    Broken Cable

    Be careful if your garage door is old.

    The cables might get damaged any time soon.

    Cables that break can cause the weight of the garage door to transfer to one side.

    As a result, one side of the garage door will close completely, while the other side will be open partially.

    Conduct a routine inspection of the cables to avoid this problem.

    Obstructed Track

    If a simple rake has recently obstructed the track’s path, it can lead to a bending track.

    This means the garage door won’t be able to close as it can go off eventually.

    Garage Door Off-track Repair Tips

    The severity of the garage door getting off-track might either need a professional or a DIY project.

    Because of this, we have listed the things you can do on your own before the problems get worse.

    Inspect the Rollers

    It’s essential to check the rollers as they can also lead to off-track garage doors.

    Check to see if the rollers have dirt, which might affect the door’s alignment.

    To deal with a dirty roller, use a towel soaked in a soap solution to remove the stubborn grime.

    If the rollers are corroded, lubricate them with silicone-based grease.

    Rusted rollers can create grinding noise and off-track doors, so you might as well deal with them early to avoid further damages.

    But if the rollers have severe cracks and damage, replace them immediately.

    You can ask help from a garage door repair company to do it for you.

    Align the Tracks

    An off-track door essentially means the tracks are not aligned as well.

    To deal with this problem, use a level to check the correct alignment.

    Then, loosen the brackets while holding the rollers in place.

    Tap the brackets until you see the garage door is aligned with the tracks.

    After, tighten the brackets to secure the door in place.

    Repair the Broken Components

    When the springs, cables, and bearings are damaged, it can result in a garage door getting off-track.

    Check these parts if you see any signs of damage and wearing.

    When you do, it’s recommended to replace them right away.

    Leave the repairs to a garage door service for this problem.

    Call Smooth Garage Doors!

    If you find no improvement with your garage door after doing the steps above, it’s time to call Smooth Garage Doors.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial garage door, we can fix it for you.

    Give us a call, and we’ll give the best solution to get rid of off-track garage doors.

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