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    Proper maintenance is essential to make your garage door working in good condition.

    If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the repairs, then maintenance is the best way to go.

    With it, you can spot the issues early, which you can immediately fix.

    Whether you’re in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, you can count on Smooth Garage Doors to do the maintenance for you.

    But if you’d want to do it on your own, read on and learn about DIY Garage Door Maintenance below.

    DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    Essentially, maintenance is cheaper and easier to do to keep your garage door running smoothly.

    By performing correct maintenance, you’ll guarantee that your garage door will last for many, many years.

    Moreover, these are the following DIY garage door maintenance that you can do in your home.

    But before doing it, make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves.

    Then, close the door to make sure you can see everything in your garage door.

    Conduct a Visual Inspection

    It’s essential to pay attention to your garage door to locate the problem’s source if ever there is one.

    Are the garage door parts in good condition? Is the garage door motor working? Is it closing smoothly?

    All these evaluations will help you determine if you need a garage door repair service if you ever spot damage.

    Besides, a professional will do all the repairs for you.

    Tighten the Hardware Parts

    Once you see the hinges, bolts, nuts, and screws, loosen up and tighten them immediately.

    Loosen hardware can create rattling noise to your garage door during the operation.

    Tighten them up with an open or socket wrench to quiet down the noise and make sure the garage door won’t fail to operate.

    Check the Balance

    Since we use our garage doors every day and many times a day, they could be vulnerable to off-balance.

    When the overhead door is out of balance, the opener will have to work hard to move our garage door.

    As a result, the opener might get damaged, which can force you to call for a garage door repair.

    To test the balance:

    • Turn off the opener and pull down the red cord or the emergency release cord.
    • Open the door until it’s halfway open. If the door does not stay still, the springs might be damaged.
    • Talk about this problem with a professional to fix whatever is causing your garage door to fail.

    Replace the Rollers When Needed

    Rollers, especially the plastic and steel ones, get easily damaged.

    If you have either of the two, check its condition from time to time as it could get deformed due to frequent use.

    If you spot a crack, deformed, or split roller, replace the rollers right away.

    Examine the Moving Parts

    Never neglect the moving parts such as springs and cables.

    They store a lot of tension that enables your door to open smoothly and easily.

    Look for gaps on the springs, or snap on the cables.

    When you spot these issues, call a professional to replace these parts for you.

    Lubricate the Moving Parts

    Rust and corroded parts should be prevented to avoid friction when the parts move.

    Simple lubrication will solve this problem.

    Lubricate all the moving parts that comprise the garage door – springs, cables, hinges, pulley, chain, and rollers.

    By lubricating them, you’ll guarantee a smoother movement on your garage door.

    Make sure to use a silicone or lithium-based grease to lubricate and remove the corrosion effectively.

    Clean and Adjust the Tracks as Needed

    Ensure the tracks are free of debris and dirt.

    Also, adjust them as needed when you notice the door is off-track.

    If you’re not quite sure how to do it, you can ask help from a garage door repair company to adjust the tracks for you.

    Examine the Auto-Reverse Features

    The sensors and opener comprise the auto-reverse mechanism of your garage door.

    To make sure it’s working well, place wood or any object along the door’s path and close the door with the remote.

    If the door reverses back before touching wood, then the mechanism is working well.

    Otherwise, you need to call a garage door repair company to fix the sensors if the door crashes the object.

    Call Us for a Maintenance!

    Since you know the importance of maintenance and how to do it, make sure to do it regularly.

    Keeping your garage door fully-functional is the best way to prevent inconvenience and expenses.

    If you need more maintenance tips, or you want assistance, call Smooth Garage Doors!

    We will provide everything you need for your garage door, whether it’s maintenance, tune-up, or repairs.

    Call our team now in Vaughan and Richmond Hill!

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