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We’re called Smooth Garage Doors for a reason we strive to provide our clients with nothing less than a smooth customer experience.

It doesn’t matter what issue you have – we’ve been there and done it. With years of experience and industry-leading training in all the best equipment, we’re more than prepared.

Alex Feldman
Affordable prices. Professional service. We used this company to repair springs on our garage door. Very easy to work with this company. We will continue using this company for all future repairs. — Alex
Certus Holdings

The technician was very professional and efficient. In addition, the service was prompt he finished quickly. The charge for the job was higher than the other estimates, but worth it.

April Weymouth
Called Smooth Garage Doors for new opener . was very surprised as to how responsive this business was. The work to install a new LiftMaster was very clean and professional. The quote was thorough and transparent as well.
Juanita Courtney
Prompt, professional and knowledgeable team for garage door repair service. They were easy to work with and resolved things quickly. They deliver great customer service!

Richmond Hill and Vaughan is our local community that we love to serve. We’ve always operated here and will continue to do so

Customer service is our thing. Our customers really are what makes us happy as a business and there is no job too big or small that we wouldn’t want to help with.

Unlike many companies out there, when you give you that first initial quote – that’s the one we mean. There’s no nasty additional costs on the bill here.

Garage door repairs and maintenance are often overlooked, and for the wrong reasons

As a much bigger door than the one on the front of your home, it should be a priority to keep it in tiptop condition!

As seasoned professionals here at Smooth Garage Doors, we’re here to help you get peace of mind that your garage is taken care of.

When we say seasoned, we mean it! There’s very little that surprises us these days, trust us, we can do it all.

Warranty, for us, isn’t just a word we advertise without meaning

A warranty is a contract between us and us customers than the work we do and the parts we supply are built to last. We stand by our comprehensive warranties and outline just exactly what they are to our customers.

That’s right, ALL of our parts are included.

Need help? One of our experts is a call away

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Frequently Asked Questions

In theory, anyone can! Although, with something as important to the safety of your home, plus a potential hazard, we highly recommend hiring a professional.

Of course! Here’s just a small few:

  • Tune-ups
  • Openers (replacing or repairing)
  • Cables replacement
  • Spring replacement
  • Gates

An engineer will make a visit to your property and service or replace any minor parts, as well as check for any potential problems for the future.

It’s hard to say without us taking a look or having a bigger understanding. Give one of our team members a call and they will happily assist you!

If the door isn’t opening or shutting fully, chances are it’s spring related. This is a fairly straightforward repair – for us!

It’s tough to say. There’s various factors that determine their life, such as:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Material
  • Style and color
  • Insulation

Garage Door Repair & Installation Services Near You

Garage door repair and maintenance is our craft, and we love what we do. Our customers’ deserve nothing but the best, and we strive to deliver time after time.

Our technicians are highly skilled and can offer free consultations and advice not just when it comes to maintenance, but also have a garage door that can work alongside the aesthetics of your home. You’d be surprised how much this can increase the value of your home!

We’re local, friendly and nothing is beyond our expertise when it comes to garages. Give us a call – we’re waiting!

Garage Door Repair & Installation Services
Richmond Hill and Vaughan

Garages continue to be a fantastic asset to our homes. 

It gives vehicles protection from theft and dangerous weather and can serve as an extra space to store our things. 

It has a garage door that secures the entryway, so if you do not have a garage door yet, you can call for a garage door installation. 

Depending on the entrance’s size, it usually takes three to four hours to install the garage door entirely.

Moreover, garage doors’ primary function is to open and close automatically, which dramatically changes and assists us with our busy lives. 

However, as functional as it is, it can also break down if it is not correctly taken care of and different types of garage doors have other special maintenance depending on what kind of door you have. 

Doing the maintenance by yourself is not hard, so you can do it yourself before calling for a garage door repair in Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

On this note, how would you know when to call for a garage door repair service or change your garage door? 

In this article, we listed things to consider checking to know if it is time to repair or change your garage door.

Examine the garage door damage

Does it close to the bottom? 

Does it make any sound when it moves? 

Does the sensor work properly? 

You must first inspect the type of damage your garage door has.

First is minor damages: usually, minor injuries are visible but do not affect the garage door’s functionality. 

Possible minor damages are fading paint that might affect your door’s visual, or you might observe a crack. 

In other words, it is just usually about the overall visual quality. 

Rather than replacing your garage door with minor damages, you can fix it.

The other type of damage is moderate or typical damages to the garage door. 

Some damages are not that noticeable and will need an in-depth inspection. 

Usually, moderate damages affect your garage door structure and compromise the functions such as bent and rusted garage doors. 

Bent and rusted garage doors might not close to the bottom and are vulnerable to breakage. 

If you are having problems like these, you might consider calling for a garage door replacement or call an expert to assist you in deciding better solutions.

Lastly, serious damage is a severe problem for your garage door. 

Severe damages typically involve the functions of the door like the opening and closing. 

Usual issues are the squeaky, annoying sounds when it opens and closes, sometimes when the door goes down, it immediately goes right back, or it might not open at all. 

If this is not solved immediately, people might get into accidents because the usual problem of seriously damaged doors is in its motors. 

A compromised engine might break down the garage door and fall into a person. 

Accidents might double your expenses. 

Hence, if you observed signs of severe damages, the standard solution to this is to buy a new garage door to ensure your security or if you are around the area, call for a garage door repair in Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

The extent of the damage

The extent of damage concerns the last number. 

You need to check to what extent the damage is so you can decide if you should call for repair services, do it yourself, or change your entire garage door. 

If your problem is peeling paint, the best thing to do is to do it yourself. 

However, if the issues involved several severe damages, it is best to check for the motor parts and change the damaged parts to save money or completely change your garage door.

Cost of the repair

Next, you need to consider the possible cost of your action. 

If you called for a garage door installation or garage door replacement, this might cost you a lot. 

However, this should not be a let down since buying a new one means upgrading your old door. 

This will save you more money from repair costs. 

On the other hand, it is also good to fix minor damages by yourself since this will also save you tons of money.

Age of the door

Sometimes, the reason why your garage door breaks is maybe because of its age. 

The usual factor of constant minor damages is the door that has been used for a long time already. 

Older garage doors most likely need an immediate replacement since they might get repeatedly broken, it will cost you a lot more. 

The Best Garage Door Repair

Looking for a reliable garage door repair in Richmond Hill and Vaughan?

The haunt is over! 

The Smooth Garage Doors Richmond Hill & Vaughan is ready to serve you! 

We offer exciting deals and services to people who need our help for any garage door assistance. 

If you are from Richmond Hill and Vaughan, call now to experience the best garage door repair and installation services!

Vaughan’s Certified and Trusted Garage Door Repair Technicians

Does your home or business require a garage door repair or installation service in Vaughan? Look no further because Smooth Garage Doors is serving the entire area, addressing all overhead door concerns!

Garage doors play an important role in securing your cars, belongings, and entire property. They come in diverse designs and sizes but serve the same function.

You use your garage door typically every day as you let your car in and out of your house or open and close your business establishment. It’s a heavy-duty machine, vulnerable to damages.

With frequent usage, your garage door’s efficiency and functionality will eventually deteriorate. Its components will wear out over time, and you’ll have to replace them or perform some repairs.

When you encounter some garage door problems, never let them stay and cause you more troubles in the future.

Get a professional repair service from Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan to get rid of the issues as early as possible.

We have a team of certified and trusted technicians who have been through rigorous training and remarkable experiences in fixing any types of garage door problems.

Since a garage door’s mechanism is complex, you better leave the repair job to the experts for your safety.

Besides, by doing so, you can get the best outcome and make sure that your garage door will be fully functional again.

You can trust our expert and well-trained technicians for your residential and commercial garage door issues in Vaughan. We will back you up anytime you need help, even late at night.

Don’t take the risk of performing garage door repair yourself, as you might get injuries in the process.

Let Smooth Garage Doors take care of the work and be free from all the burdens you’re feeling right now with your damaged overhead door.

If it’s a total garage door failure or any component problem, call us. We will help you spot the issues right away and get rid of them before they cause more complications in your overhead door system.

Aside from that, our team renders garage door installation in Vaughan. We have the expertise and all the needed tools to set-up a new system in your home or commercial space.

Contact us, and we’ll be sure to take your call anytime.

Our Premium Garage Door Repair Services in Vaughan

Having garage door issues is never a good time. You can experience delays and other problems from this situation.

With a broken garage door, your property’s security declines, putting a hamper on your entire day. But once you hire Smooth Garage Doors for a repair job, you can expect that your overhead door problems will disappear in no time.

Our technicians will bring your garage door back to its good working condition, ensuring that you won’t have to deal with other issues anytime soon.

We will repair any component problems, whether it’s coming from your garage door motor, cables, springs, tracks, or rollers.

Our team will get to the bottom of the problem through diagnosis and inspection. We’ll then discuss with you the necessary actions we must undertake to make your garage door operational again.

You can count on us for the repair and replacement of any worn-out parts in your garage door system.

Leave your garage door repairs to Smooth Garage Doors’ local professional technicians in Vaughan and experience premium quality services with up-front pricing.

Install a New Garage Door with Our Expert Technicians Help!

It’s not only the inspection and repairs that our team is capable of doing. We also cover home or commercial garage door installation in Vaughan.

We can set up any makes and models of garage doors. Aside from that, our team can help you choose the perfect design for your house of business.

You may select from our broad range of garage doors, depending on your budget and preference. After you choose, we can schedule a same-day installation service if you want to set-up your new overhead door right away.

If you prefer it on another day, you can also set an appointment with our expert technicians anytime. No worries, because we can work around your schedule.

Besides, our garage door installation service comes with a warranty for additional benefit.

Team-up with Us for Your Garage Door Repair and Installation in Vaughan!

Fix any garage door issues, replace a component, or install a whole new system with Smooth Garage Doors in Vaughan.

We will team-up with you anytime and provide the best solutions to your garage door concerns. Don’t deal with your problems alone because we at Smooth Garage Doors are here to help.

Call us for premium garage door repair and installation service in Vaughan!